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The Voice We Knew and Loved

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To many of
us Philadelphia Phillies fans, the loss of Harry Kalas is like losing a family
member. What makes losing a family member so difficult is the fact that we can’t
imagine our lives without them. You go to sleep every night confident that they
will be there when you awake. When they aren’t, it’s an uneasy feeling that can’t
be described. That’s the best way I can explain the emotion that Philadelphia
is feeling right now.

A signature
broadcaster is a rare thing in sports. We think of names like Harry Cary, John
Madden, Marv Albert and – at least for Phillies fans – Harry Kalas. Made famous
by his child-like excitement for the game and his signature catch phrase – “it’s
‘outta’ here!” – Harry Kalas was more than just a voice to so many. In
Philadelphia, he was synonymous with baseball.

He was there
to announce the two Phillies World Championships, first in 1980 and just this
past season.

It’s an old cliché
in baseball to ‘play every game as if it were your last’ and that’s exactly how
Harry announced. Even those who knew him well could hardly tell the difference
between a loss or a win by Harry’s voice, because he was equally excited no
matter what the outcome was. It didn’t matter if the Phillies were in a hunt to
win the division or they were suffering their ten thousandth franchise loss. To
Harry, time stopped with every fly ball deep to right field.

It’s hard to
imagine what life will be like when Philadelphia wakes up tomorrow morning and
Harry isn’t there. He sat in that booth for so many years; most of us assumed
he always would. It’s hard to imagine what will happen the next time Ryan
Howard hits a fly ball deep to right field. Ryan hasn’t hit a homerun yet that
Harry hasn’t called, just like so many Phillies.

In the minds
of many of us, the Phillies won’t quite be the same. For nearly 40 years, the
Phillies hit a lot of long fly balls deep to right field and it was Harry’s
voice that willed them ‘outta here.’ Now, those hits will simply land safely in
the crowd. They’ll count for just the same, but they won’t feel the same.

To Harry:
our voice, our legend, our soul, but most of all, our friend.

We will
always remember the joy you brought to all of our hearts.

We will forever
miss you.

old friend.


Harry Kalas

1936 – 2009