Spring Seems So Far Away

January is a
tough month for Major League Baseball. The players have had a good month or two
off depending on when their respective seasons ended and they’re starting to
get that pre-Spring Training itch to get out there and play. Fans – not unlike
all of us on MLBlogosphere – are feeling the full effects of baseball-withdraw
and beginning to lash out at each other.


girlfriend is a psychology major and she told me about a recent report on
“winter-depression” that Americans suffer from around this time of year. It
seems the human psyche is effected by the amount of sunlight we receive on a
daily basis, and as the daylight of the winter season becomes shorter and
shorter, we become more and more depressed.

solution: More light!

This study
reminds me of what we on the ‘sphere’ are suffering from this wintery season. I
live on the east-coast in Reading, PA and we have been experiencing record-low
temperatures. Tuesday night we had a high of 10°F and a -2°F wind-chill.  That’s cold enough to make anyone forget
about the green grass and the boys of summer.

So if the
solution to “winter-depression” is more
, perhaps the solution to winter baseball-withdraw” is more baseball. Unfortunately they don’t
make special incandescent light bulbs that make us feel like we’re at the
ballpark, but at the very least, I think we can all perk up our baseball
spirits a bit with a few old-fashioned remedies.


1.       WEAR YOUR

Now, maybe I’m a little biased because my
team just won the world series, but I still wear my ‘MLB Playoffs’ sweatshirt
and ‘NLCS Champions’ wherever I go. No matter where I am, I am reminded of
baseball and my favorite team.


My suggestion to us Northeasterners is to buy
some winter team gear – a beanie or a jacket perhaps – and make sure you wear
it every time you go out to shovel the driveway or pick up the mail.


opening day.jpg

    2.       GET YOUR

It may ne early yet, but it’s never too soon
to get your tickets. Personally, I already have my opening day tickets to watch
the Phils get their Championship rings. No, this idea won’t make opening day
come any faster, but it will give you something to look forward to doing. All
you teenage girls can start making red ‘X’s’ on your calendars until the big
day arrives and start crafting your puffy paint ‘Grady Sizemore’ t-shirts.


3.       PLAY GOLF,

Ok. Maybe those of us who are being bombarded
by arctic storms can’t take part in this idea, but those of you who live in
warmer climates have the opportunity to get out on the links and play a game
that is a little bit like baseball. There’s green grass, a few bunkers that can
be confused for an infield and while the rest of your four-some is looking away
you can call your shot over the left field fence.


Many of your favorite major leaguers take
advantage of the same opportunity.

Chipper Jones
chipper jones.jpg
John Smoltz
Jason Varitek
varitek golf.jpgDerek Jeter
jeter golfing.jpg


Your girlfriend must of been amazed by your solution. “More light!” … Genius lolz.
I was with you on the suggestions to end the lack of baseball depression until you mentioned golf.. bleehh. I’m a lover of a lot of sports but golf has never been one of them.
p.s. you forgot to mention to watch a lot of the mlb network. it’s truly the greatest thing for the baseball soul since ballpark hotdogs.. though i don’t eat those anymore *tear*..
– V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

Scott – 10 below or not – I have my pink Red Sox hat (cap or stocking cap) on at all times. It makes me feel better!


I wear my Red Sox jacket absolutely everywhere I go as well as my earrings and shoes (that my friends made me). In this warm climate down here in FL, i could actually go to the beach. How crazy is that?
PS: That’s really cool that your girlfriend is a psych major, I’m really interested in psychology.

Hey, we get plenty of light here in San Diego! But I am still desperate for baseball! I wear my Padres gear all the time. I feel very wrong if I go out in public without a Padres shirt. The offseason is a great time to support your team!

It has been entirely too cold this year. If you are in State College you feel my pain. Temperatures in single digits? It is not supposed to be that cold, ever. The cold just reminds me that baseball is about to start.

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