The Blame Game? Really?

Does anyone want to share with me
a possible legitimate reason for former MLB trainers coming out and slandering
a former player’s name? Maybe I’m a little out of touch sitting at a computer
desk in the snowy, snowy northeast, but I don’t see what anyone could possibly gain
from publicly “blowing the whistle.”



Let’s be honest here. Brian McNamee and Kirk
are nobodys.


Maybe they face a little trouble
with the law for possession of steroids and they want to take someone down with
them. Maybe they are taking all the blame for a steroids ring and they want to
point the finger in another direction. Or maybe they have realized that they
are culturally irrelevant to baseball and they want to make a name – albeit a
bad one – for themselves. Either way you slice it, they’re both cowards and
they don’t deserve to be written about.



It’s no secret that I could care
less about baseball players taking steroids, let alone former players. My question to you, though, is this: If Bud Selig is so dead-set on removing steroids from
baseball, why is all the media attention revolving around former players?


Whatever happened with David Justice, Dwight Gooden,
Mark McGwire, Roger
and Barry Bonds happened a long
time ago in baseball years. All Selig can do now is humiliate them and take
away a possible Hall-of-Fame enshrinement, which is not really that big of a
punishment. Selig can’t remove the games that they played from history.


If Bud really wants to punish
someone and make a difference, he would focus on players who are still on a
Major League roster and take games away from their career. Denying a potential
Hall-of-Famer absolution really makes no impact on the game itself and it
upsets more fans than it does players.


So why do trainers who aren’t so
much as a blip on the baseball radar feel the need to do this? Why any of us
ever feel the need to do this?


If you’re that miserable with
your own life it’s just plain cowardice to blame other people. We are all
responsible for our own lives and our own mistakes and we need to accept that

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You know why Scott? Because some people have this bizarre desire to follow the lifestyles of the “rich & famous”. Do you what was on the front page of my local SPORTS page today? A ranting article about Tom Brady not being manly enough because his gal-pal was caught in a picture feeding him something. I could care less! Why not real sports news? Ortiz & Lowell rehab anyone? And I think this is what is happening with the baseball trainers. The PEDs have taken on a life of their own and the trainers know that they can make a quick buck and take down a few others with them. I agree with you – matters need to be taken to stop the current use of them, but please rehashing old stories gets tired. Do you hear that oh brother of Mark?


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